About Us

Who are we

We provide hassle-free shipments to your doorstep in no time. We have generated successful ratios and repute through years of service to the market. Baiggs logistics prides itself in being one of the market leaders with operations in the Middle East, Europe and South-East Asia.  Since our incorporation in 2002, we have proved to be a safe, reliable and quality-driven forwarder.

Baiggs is committed to serving clients from all walks of life with passion, trust and dedication.

Why choose us

We are a team of extensive experience in the logistics industry. We provide a quick and detailed response to your shipment inquiries. Customer satisfaction is our utmost goal, we treat all our shipments with utmost care and importance.

We are fully licensed and authorized under UAE regulations to carry out operations like warehousing, logistics services and shipping.

  • Fully licensed
  • End to end Protection
  • Pick, pack Dispatch
  • Safe loading and unloading
  • Online tracking
  • Professional Movers.
  • Customer Support

What do we do

We provide from a variety of shipment services which makes it easy for you to trust us with your goods. We look after internal and external transportation of your goods.

  • Warehousing

We provide goods storage in our warehouse before the shipment process starts or freight forwarding takes place.

  • Onsite Logistics

We manage the warehouse and material collection internally. We manage to deliver finished goods, semi-finished goods and raw materials just in time for the production.

  • Stuffing/De-stuffing

We pack and unpack goods for our customers to ensure safe and reliable delivery.

  • Custom Clearance

We make sure customs are dealt with and calculated without any delays.

  • Supply Chain Distribution

We help you by providing shipments by maintaining supply chain management around the world so you can concentrate on your business.

  • Transportation

Baiggs uses multiple mediums to ship volumes of weight through ground, air and transportation through the ocean.

  • Freight Services

We partner with the best carriers, to ensure delivery of volumes of project shipments at your doorstep.

  • Open Yard

Our open-yard services can store machinery, heavy vehicles, materials, heavy-duty equipment and other equipment.

How do we work

We assure the client of safe and compliant transportation of their goods. Our staff at Baiggs logistics handles products with utmost care under safety regulations.

The staff is trained to load and unload trailers efficiently.

Cross-docking is done to save loading and travelling time wherever possible.

We have “Load testing and Monitoring systems” that help most efficient loading based on the capacity available.

We also have Dock management systems help managers keep track of multiple docks simultaneously.

Packaging of products is done up to international standards to keep products safe from any harm or danger that may damage the goods.

Delivery Mediums

We deliver through differential variants of transportation. We prepare shipments for used cars, spare parts and engines and tires in 20ft and 40ft containers.

20 feet container

The legal cargo limit for 20ft containers is 21,000 kg commonly. Generally, to configure the load properly we may load commodities into 9 blocks. The configuration of the of 20ft container are as follows:
Tare weight Payload capacity Internal length
2,300 kg 25,000 kg 5.9 m
5,071.5 lbs 55,126.9 lbs 19.4 ft
Internal width Internal height Door opening height
2.35 m 2.39 m 2.28 m

Engine Container

This is the ideal size of containers, holding 70 to 80 engines at once. The long transmission engines usually take up more space and the number of engines will decrease.

Mix Container

Mix container consists of both parts and engines for a good loading. We fill the first floor with parts; such as suspensions and engines. We may divide the load by holding the engines on the first floor and the nose cuts, load parts and half cuts.

Complete Cars

Complete cars are usually half cut. A maximum of 1-4 half cut cars can be safely stored and held in a 20ft container along with their vehicles. We also fill in the vacant space in the containers. Accidental or damaged cars can also be store up-to some 8-10 vehicles in 20ft container.

Tire Container

450-550 tires of 12R, 13R,14R, 15R and 16R; depending on the size can be loaded in a 20ft container. We deal in a total of 80% winter, 20% summer and 40% wheel tires. We can also load the container the with alloy wheel sets.

40 feet container

The set cargo limit for 40ft containers is 26000 kg. 40 feet containers are considered ideal for loading car parts. Following are the features for the container:
Tare weight Payload capacity Internal length
4,150 kg 26,330 kg 12,022 m
9,150 lbs 58,050 lbs 39.3 ft
Internal width Internal height Door opening height
2.352 m 2.7 m 2.585 m

Engine Container

A total of 100-110 engines can be loaded in a 40ft container. Unfortunately, not much can be loaded in the container due to the weight limit. We fill in the vacant space with the lighter parts: doors, bumpers and nose cuts.

Mix Container

We use mix containers to viably divide the first floor, and the rest of the floors to fit in heavy parts and engines.

Complete Cars

40 feet containers can facilitate up to 3 half cuts with one container. It is an ideal loading space for half cuts. We may load up to 12 half cuts and the corresponding parts of the vehicles. We also take on 18-20 knocked down/accidental cars.

Tire Container

A 40 feet container may carry a range of 1000-1350 tires depending on the size of the tires: 12R, 13R, 14R, 15R and 16R. We load 80% winter tires, 20% summer tires and 40% wheel tires. We may also take on alloy wheel tires sets.


Legend Motors FZCO has had cooperation with Baiggs logistics for about 10 years now. I just wanted to extend our gratitude and appreciation to Baiggs team for your dedicated attention to detail and delivery on time. Throughout our shipment from order placement to delivery. The correspondence was dealt, with the utmost consideration and care. Above all, the shipment was on time and carefully packed.
Legend Motors FZCO


Carandx Motors has had an experience of good service and compliance with Baiggs Logistics. They are timely updating shipment status and sending follow-ups on all our shipments. They make sure no additional charges are added on delivery and assure a hassle-free clearance on time.
Carandx Motors


As a satisfied client of Baiggs Logistics for over a decade now, we can proudly say, “we could not have done it without them. Their vast experience in the world of logistics is what makes them truly impressive. They know everything from importing processes, customs, paperwork and freight rates to warehousing has helped us immensely. They have unquestionably become vital in all our imports when it comes to importing needs.
Green Line Marine Cagro LLC



What can I ship?

We support all legal goods and bulk transport. Please contact us for specific inquiries.

What is CMR?

CMR is a Convention (Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road) is a United Nations convention. This convention deals with legal issues concerning international shipping or cargo transportation by road.

Based on this convention International Road Transport Union has developed a standard waybill. It is prepared in 3 languages. It must be present when customs or police checks the shipment.

Do you provide customized consultancy for logistics?

Yes, we do. Send us your inquiries at   info@baiggs.com or call us at    +971-42-276-584 for more information.

What Warranties do I have for my Shipments?

We operate under country-specific freight services when it comes to shipping.  Baiggs operate with professional and experienced carriers only.

How does Baiggs verify Carriers?

We ensure the quality of our carriers. Our carriers are pre-screened before they carry operations. We regularly review their performance and monitor compliance documentation.

Are there any hidden costs and fees to your service?

No. There are no hidden fees and costs. We calculate and inform our clients of all the charges before entering into a contract with them.

What locations do you ship to?

We ship goods globally.

How do I know the time and duration of shipment?

We offer digital tracking systems which are updated regularly to inform our customers of their shipments.

Do you charge for your supply chain services?

Our experts do not charge for initial analysis. Our experts review your shipment and distribution needs free of cost. However, we are usually compensated by our providers.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us.

This privacy policy states that Baiggs keeps that the data collected, interactions pricing and shipment process are only to be used for business purposes and nothing more.  We only use share data that been granted permission by the client. The customs clearance and other legal documents are dealt with, the utmost confidentiality.

We may share your data for the following reasons:

  1. Third-party contractors, vendors and consultants who may carry out operations on our behalf.
  2. We may disclose data if it is necessitated by law, to comply with legal procedures, to respond to criminal investigations, payment and other agreement uses.
  3. For legitimate interests to prevent fraud.
  4. Customer services and tracking.