Supply Chain Distribution

Supply Chain Distribution

With increase in globalisation and competition, Supply Chains have become progressively more complex and critical to a company’s success in the market place. There is greater pressure on companies to reduce costs, provide higher quality products, faster delivery times and constantly work at improving performance. A growing number of clients are looking to outsource their supply chain management and needs to companies that can handle every aspect of the chain. Baig Global Shipping¬†fits this description of a turnkey provider of supply chain needs.

Baig Global Shipping Fulfilment & Distribution Services Division was designed to cater to all your supply chain needs from cradle to grave, i.e. from supplier to customer or raw material to the finished product delivered to the end user. Baig Global Shipping can take care of the logistics involved with the timely and cost-effective movement of your goods while providing you the tools to track and confirm every step of the process. From planning, procurement and inventory, to packaging and delivery (domestic & global), we understand the logistics of your order fulfilment.

Our professional staff has the logistics management resources to:

  • Plan your finished goods inventory level to meet your on time deliveries
  • Purchase, inspect and manage Baig Global Shipping owned inventory to support your forecast and inventory levels
  • Receive and assemble goods
  • Store large inventories
  • Ship goods within 24 hours of order
  • Provide consultation on quality control

Let Baig Global Shipping handle the logistics of your supply chain. We have over 30,000 square feet of warehouse space, FDA certification, and relationships with major freight carriers. We can ensure your goods are packed, tracked and delivered on time.