Warehousing is an essential part for any logistics operation, Baig Global Shipping prides itself for providing efficient warehousing solutions for B2B and B2C businesses. Being a subsidiary of Baig Group of Companies we understand dire need of logistical efficacy.

BGS Warehousing solutions are not only cost effective but are optimized according to industry standards for warehouse management, security, protection and compliance for optimal customer/business success with 24/7-365 support.

BGS Warehousing solutions provide following services:

  1.  Inbound Logistics:

    BGS provides warehouses with select locations for inbound logistics needs from having a dedicated warehouse(s) to single consignment storage.

  2.  Warehouse Storage:

    BGS provides Warehouses for storage needs with efficient management and need based requisites (climate control, delicate handling for fragile inventory and packaging accordingly) for storage.

  3.  Outbound Logistics:

    BGS provides Warehousing for Outbound Logistics for establishing local/international business channels with cost & time optimization and industry specific needs for businesses.